The G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture is a not-for-profit organization, that supports contemporary art and culture, good governance, and sustainability. At G5A, we believe that art and culture have the power to ignite change for the better – by challenging people to think critically, creatively, and courageously.

Through a series of diverse programs and projects we are committed to nurturing a vibrant, safe, and inclusive platform that encourages the creative and just – in thought and expression.

In doing so, our endeavor is to enrich people’s lives, rebuild resilient and responsible communities, and strengthen the cultural fabric of our community and city. Their missions are to nurture creativity, excellence and resilience with a focus on cultural practitioners and the younger population of the city. To give voice to cultural expression of the marginalized socially and economically disadvantaged or non-mainstream cultural practitioners. And finally, to build a model for a creative and livable city, through participatory neighborhood intervention with local agencies and communities.

Directors: Anuradha Parikh, Ishan Benegal & Dr. Suhrud Sardesai Director
Address: G5A Laxmi Mills Compound, Shakti Mills Lane,
Off Dr. E Moses Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400011
Contact Number: +91 22 2490 9393